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Pete Ostroski is motion personified. Moving his way up the ranks of mountain biking, beginning from grom to now stalwart professional Enduro racer. Enduro mountain biking is one of the fastest, most action packed facets of bike racing, taking places in magnificent locations throughout the world. Competing in the EWS, Endurance World Series, if the competition doesn’t take your breath away, the scenery will.

The basics about Pete:

  • Age: 29
  • Residence: I bounce around most of the summer; I’ve been living between New Hampshire, Vermont, and Alaska between trips. After moving out of Alaska last fall, lately I’ve been working at Burke Mountain Academy and basing out of Burke, VT in the winters.
  • Years competing: 15
  • Sport: Mountain Bike/Enduro
  • Instagram: @postroski
  • Strava: Peter Ostroski
  • Facebook: Peter Ostroski

Racing Enduro MTB, especially racing on the Enduro World Series circuit takes a good bit of travel time. Where in the world have you been riding so far this season and what’s on the horizon?

I’ve been fortunate to experience so many amazing riding destinations through racing over the years. This season has taken me to the southwestern United States, about five weeks traveling Europe, and then Whistler. We had races in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy this summer, and I may try to (Read more...) the last two races in Spain, and Italy. If I don’t end up going to those I will head to the Pacific Northwest for a four-day race in Oregon.

Any big results so far this year that you are really proud of?

There was a bit of a hiccup mid-season when I dislocated my shoulder in June which set me back slightly. Luckily, I was only off the bike for about four weeks and kept things rolling. The last EWS in Whistler was a priority race for me this season, and I was able to have my best result in an EWS for the last four years! A top 30 doesn’t sound like that much in terms of numbers, but the field is so competitive these days, I was happy have a strong race and accomplish my goal of top 30.

Hey, we’re impressed! When your summers of ripping dirt trails around the globe end, you spend on snow once again all over the world. Tell us a bit about the off season for an enduro mountain bikers. 

So I used to coach alpine ski racing up in Alaska for six winters while living up there. Last fall I switched coaching gigs and crossed the continent and am now at Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont. I still try to get up to AK for skiing, a few times a year and get into the backcountry as much as I can. I do a fair bit of Nordic skiing and snow biking in the winter months to keep active, while the mountain bike stays dormant. UnTapped to the rescue since it’s doesn’t gum up with the chilly temperatures.

Speaking of which, whether spending long days chasing powder in the chilly conditions of Alaska or ripping singletrack in the heat of a Summer Enduro stage, UnTapped is up to the task of fueling the adventure with both the packets and drink mix along for the day. Since we’re wrapping up the heat of mountain bike season (see what we did there), what is your nutrition strategy for an EWS race day?

When I can, I try to whip up some quick pancakes the morning of a race with maple syrup of course! For the long days on the bike I try to bring a sandwich, usually something simple like peanut butter and banana, a few Raspberry Waffles, plus some maple packets, and a few sticks of Mapleaid to mix when I refill my bottle. I have been really digging the Lemon Tea Mapleaid since it just came out.

I understand you’ve spent a little time in our backyard, the mountain bike hidden gem of the Northeast Kingdom here in Vermont. After riding all around each year, what brings you back here? 

Yeah, since living in Burke for the winter months I have spent a bit more time in the Northeast kingdom this year. The riding and community are really incredible in this area!

Do you have any must-do rides in Vermont that folks should know about?

I’m still exploring, but a great link up in the Northeast Kingdom is riding Victory Hill in the morning then heading over to Burke Mountain to do full mountain runs in the afternoon/evening.

Awesome, thanks for taking the time. Here’s to a great end of the season Pete!



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