One Step At a Time on the LONG Road

The Long Road Ahead Can Be Conquered One Step At A Time

Today's blog post - the long road ahead! Why the exclamation point? The journey of courrse.

Multisport endurace racing is challenging at any level. Elite, amateur, age group - whatever your experience and goals, realizing true greatness, whatever that may be defined as for you, takes time. It's a process, a step-by-step plan and almost always a journey worth embarking on.

One Step At A Time - why is this so important you ask? Look at any great athlete in multisport racing. Take multiple world champion Craig Alexander. He's had a long & successful career as a professional triathlete, no doubt there. His achievements didn't happen over night though. Through several years of hard work, dedication and taking step after step to achieve his goals, Craig has become one of the most successful endurance athletes around.

The bullet points below will help you stay focused on moving forward and conquering your long road ahead, one step at a time.

  • Train for YOUR race, not anyone else's. The step by step process absolutely relies on this. Focus on what will help you move forward for your specific goals each day.
  • Remember that endurance and multisport racing is a process, not perfection. Each day take one step forward in the right direction. Sometimes that's even a step back to restart and re-energize what your purpose is.
  • Build a big base! This applies to aerobic capacity AND your support system. Its tough to build a house without a proper foundation. Why would your athletic capability be any different? If we could all go out tomorrow morning and run an ultra-marathon or a sub 15-min 5k a "one step at a time" process wouldn't be needed.
  • Go for small wins. If you have a goal to run 100 miles per week but can only do 50 right now, build into that slowly. Don't attempt a 50 mile run on Sunday and a 50 mile run on Monday. Look to increase your run (or other athletic goals) a little bit each week or month. The 100 mile distance will sneak up in no time and you'll wonder why it seemed so epic to begin with!

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.

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