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Stand On The Edge To Truly Look Inward

Look Inward For Truth

Figuring out what's really at the root of things can be tough. A problem, your motivation, anger, happiness - whatever - it all starts from within. The tough part can sometimes be getting to the right place to gain proper perspective.

From experience and coaching, I find that challenging your limits often helps in gaining perspective for something you're working on. Climbing to the highest peak on the mountain allows you to see all other peaks in theory, correct? Why not apply that to other things in life?

Take a look at the bullet point tips below to help gain perspective while standing on the edge :

  • Find the apex or peak of your goal. The highest mountain to climb, the fastest run split or the quickest sprint triathlon time. Make a list of anything in your life you want to achieve in this manor and review it from time to time to help keep focused.
  • For each of the above goals, make a sub list of reasons on WHY you want to achieve this. A life goal? Overcoming fear? Lost a bet? Whatever the reason, cover every aspect of WHY on your list.
  • Create a list of how-to's on achieving the goals. Longer training sessions, faster splits, a more positive attitude - anything you think can help, write it down.
  • Finally, work towards your goal. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you feel better about some other issue in your life - today!! No more excuses or procrastination. Take time as you're on the journey to look over your lists and revisit WHY you're doing this. Goals and dreams can change, which is perfectly fine - be open minded and accept this change.

Inward perspective is always present but often difficult to harness the power of. Practice finding your goals from an inward perspective as often as possible and you'll realize them sooner than you think.


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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.


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