SLF Motion Hyperspeed Pulley Oversize Ceramic Wheel Kit Installation

SLF Hyperspeed System Review – Part 1

The SLF Hyperspeed System Review - Part 1

What is it? - The Hyperspeed System by SLF Motion is an oversized pulley kit for your rear derailleur, that is designed to create less friction & drag on your bicycle chain.

Who makes it? - The name says it all. SLF Motion is the company which stands for Smoother Lighter Faster Motion. See the trend here? Speed!

Why you need it? - Let's face it, an argument can always be made for both sides of most things. I need to race in triathlons... Why would anyone ever want to race in triathlons? See where we're going with this? So... while this kit may not be a "need" for everyone, it should certainly be on your list of upgrades if you want to squeeze every single watt out of your bike for that next race event.

What's it cost? - At the time of this writeup, a base kit starts at $445. Not bad considering it's designed, engineered, made, built, tested, liked, reviewed and cool on all fronts right here in the USA. Optional wheel coatings will add a little to the pricing. You'll also want to factor in a longer chain.

So... with most of the basic info out of the way, let's look at the actual kit. These first became available in December of 2017 and we are one of the first authorized dealers to get our hands on some. We'll also be doing some winter builds up (full carbon triathlon bikes) that will utilize this kit (keep yours eyes out for additional articles - aka - parts 2 & possibly 3).

Un-boxing - Our initial un-boxing left a little to be desired. The retail packaging is pretty as heck and should look great hanging or displayed in anyone's inventory. It doesn't fair well with shipping carriers though. Why are we telling you this?? Simple. The owner at SLF Motion, after we noted the possible shipping issues he might run into with future orders and the pretty (but weak) display boxes, messaged us back and simply said any/all future shipments would have some of the toughest packing boxes around. His next dealer letter noted that as well.

Brilliant! He received some positive criticism, pivoted and made a great move to protect his products and keep his future customers happy. Why aren't more companies doing this?? Why doesn't criticism translate too well?? Something to think about on your next speedy bike outing perhaps.

What's in the box - Hyperspeed System (caged wheel setup, all assembled) - Spacer - Decal Pack - Instructions Note

How is it awesome? - For starters, look at this thing!! It's a piece of functional spinning art. The finish is extremely nice, the wheel coatings look great and the spinning. Days and days of spinning with next to no input (maybe not days, but you get the idea).


Ready for more? Stay tuned as we'll go through a basic install of this kit along with some quick spin tests and action shots.


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