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Website Conditions:
By using the MultisportDirect.com website, you agree to all terms and conditions listed here. This includes but is not limited to: copyright information, website conditions, members service conditions, privacy information conditions and sponsorship agreements. You also agree to fill out all information honestly and accurately. Fraudulent or malicious emails, orders or account setups will NOT be tolerated. Your IP address will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

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By using MultisportDirect.com you agree that MultisportDirect.com is NOT to be held responsible for any use or misuse of items sold (including but not limited to bicycles, wheels, wheelsets, wheel rentals, training plans, service plans, recommendations or advice) with regards to any type of physical activity, exercise, training or racing.

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Membership & Services Conditions:
Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation (including, but not limited to; email/ text-message/ verbal conversation/signup) does not signify our acceptance of your purchase or payment, nor does it confirm our offer to sell products or services to you. MultisportDirect.com reserves the right at any time before or after receipt of your payment to accept or decline your order, payment or free member application for any reason.

MultisportDirect.com was created to offer great products and brand opportunities for multisport athletes. We are in no way responsible for a specific contract or details agreed upon with any participating sponsor or brand that selects to work with you. We, at certain times, can and will communicate with sponsors on your behalf (ie. initial signup, communication & potential sponsorship options) - but take no responsibility for the ongoing terms & agreements with your specific sponsors. It is up to YOU and YOUR sponsor to maintain a healthy relationship.

MultisportDirect.com can and will only offer advice or suggestions for both Athlete and Sponsor to keep their relationship in peak beneficial form for both parties.

Refunds or Issues:
MultisportDirect.com offers a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are NOT happy with your purchase (of products or services), please contact us via email to discuss a solution. Certain products may have associated return-shipping charges which the original buyer is responsible for. Our shipping & returns page has more information on this.

Please contact us first if you have an issue with the website - we're here to help.

Company Conditions: MultisportDirect.com, including any logos, graphics, taglines, original text, original images and other content found on this site (originated by MultisportDirect.com) is owned/operated by Synergy Business Works Inc.

Membership & Privacy Information:
MultisportDirect.com takes our members privacy and information very seriously. MultisportDirect.com does NOT collect or process Credit Card information through our website, this is done via STRIPE.com. MultisportDirect.com does NOT share, sell or re-distribute our member information. All personal and financial information is transferred securely.

MultisportDirect.com WILL ONLY share selected information about your athlete profile application with our participating Brands & Sponsors - ONLY with your written consent (ie. you are requesting we do so).