motivation monday

Motivational Monday – Race YOUR Race, Not Someone Else’s

Today's blog entry is all about YOUR motivation and purpose within a specific race or event...

All to often people get caught up in numbers, mileage, times, pacing, HR zones and buckets of other data with their training and racing. A lot of these numbers are important, but they don't have to be important all the time. Most weekends over the summer and warmer months have race events going on. Everything from 5k runs to Long Distance Triathlon events.

A key mindset we've always tried to help athletes obtain & maintain is to "Race Your Race". What exactly does that mean?? How does it apply to YOU??

There are a number of ways to interpret this - highlighted below are a some of the key points we think everything should practice!

  • Challenge Your Limits - Almost everyone wants to swim with more confidence, bike faster and run like the wind - but this takes time! Building up endurance is a slower process than some would like. All too often we find athletes competing with each-other or trying to "one-up" so-and-so's bike/run split time. Healthy competition can be fun and inspiring, no doubt. However, if this is your primary goal with each training session or race, you'll often be left disappointed or burnt out. Our suggestions?? - Race against yourself, not everyone else. Look to improve from within and you'll find surpassing what you thought possible easy!
  • Stay Positive - Negative thoughts, angry feedback, harsh criticism - these can all lead to dwindling or stagnant training efforts and race-day performance. We all have bad days or even weeks, but what you DO with those tough moments can define your positive ones. Give yourself credit after a tough swim session or after you tackle that trail run. Even if your times weren't what you hoped for - you accomplished the feat!
  • Every Action is a Chance to Learn - Tough training sessions, slow pacing, energy bonks, bad mechanical issues on race day or just about anything else you see as a "failed" problem is a HUGE opportunity to learn and improve. The critical take away from this is learning and improving from the failure. Remember, failure is not defeat, it's a chance to grow and become stronger!
  • Find Your Balance - We all have limitations within our daily lives. Finding creative ways to work around or through those is what makes us a better athlete. Whether it's a work stress, family issue, time commitment or a lack of motivation - finding balance is tremendous to achieving your goals. It's tough to have a great training session if you're stressed out about work. Take a few minutes each day to align yourself with whatever your goals are (not with what you "need" to get done). When you define a clear path, the stresses in your life align as well allowing them to be more easily conquered.
  • Motivation - Fin your purpose each day! Staying motivated can be TOUGH! A simple practice can be taking just 5 minutes each day to remember why you want to train so hard, storm up that next hill or make it to the pool for those extra laps.

We hope these tips come in handy for training & racing. Looking inward vs outward and finding true motivation can help you Race YOUR Race and not get so caught up with what other athletes might be doing around you 🙂

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.