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Keep Moving Forward – Find Your Strength, Motivation or Inspiration

Keep. Moving. Forward. - Dig In & You'll Find New Heights...

Multisport racing is challenging on all fronts. High training volume, multiple disciplines, busy schedules & keeping up with life can be downright epic at times. So how does one deal with it?? How can you take what time you have each week and improve your swim, bike or run??

You'll find many answers to this. Eat better, sleep better, train harder, train less, train more, get great rest days, have lots of hard sessions, have no hard sessions - the list goes on and on! A few of the bullet points below will help you stay on track, find your "zen" and keep crushing those training sessions and ultimately, your race days.


  • Find Your Strength- Sounds simple right? "I'm a fast runner" you're thinking, " I can skip run days or get by without putting in too much run time". Some of this is true, some of it isn't. Finding your strength shouldn't be limited to one discipline or routine, but to your training & life as a whole. Look at the larger picture here. Why are you a fast runner? Lot's of practice over the years? Long speedy legs? Maybe - but what I want to focus on here is your running strength at the core of you and explode that into the rest of your training & life balance. Dig deep and look at the true why. Do you have a burning passion to run?? A coach from years ago that pushed you?? Figure this out and it'll translate to a number of other areas for you.


  • What Inspires You- This one is simple & complex - hands down. It's simple to think, "well, I'm inspired by winning my age group or crossing the finish line in a certain time". This is absolutely true! Victory, whatever that may be for you is a huge inspiration. However, is it enough to push you day in & day out for weeks on end?? Dig deeper! What's your true purpose in that next Triathlon?? The next international Duathlon series or Trail Marathon?? Are you training & racing for a loved one?? A cause that's bigger than yourself?? To find a cure for something?? True inspiration comes from within.Keep Moving Forward -


  • Stay Motivated- Inspiration will get you going - motivation will keep you going. What mental positives can you recall right now, immediately?? Go ahead, write five of them down. What are they?? Good ones I hope. Exploring your memories (positive or negative) can lead to pure motivation and the will to keep pushing along the way. This is huge for tough training days or a race that feels like it's come undone because it "didn't go to plan". Look back on a great training session you had. Remember an awesome vacation or trip you went on.


  • Keep Moving Forward- Look back to often and you'll be living, training & racing in the past. With every step (physically & metaphorically), keep moving forward! Failure exists only if you let it. Setbacks happen, no denying that. How you deal with the setbacks and roadblocks are what define your athletic abilities. Keep. Moving. Forward.

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.

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