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How To Relax & Recharge With Training

Hotter summers always brings up a hot topic group - REST, RECOVER & RELAX.

Achieving these three can be tough as nails. We have some tips & tricks outlined below to help make this happen for you regardless of the plans or situations you might be in at this time of year.

REST - This one seems simple, just take a nap or meditate for 5 hours straight and you'll be set right? Well, sorta - but there's more to it than just that. Naps of course are a great way to actually rest and chill out, however, for some of us it's tough. Finding a quiet space that's uninterrupted or that we're comfortable enough to nap in always seems to be the case. Make the space! Even if it's in your bed - get there and close your eyes, even for just 20 minutes. Meditation is another great way to achieve rest. Remember, rest isn't just being asleep - it's the act of decompressing and allowing your mind and/or body to elevate away from all the daily stress and hustle.

RECOVER - Another no-brainer right? Just train less or easier (intensity & duration wise) and you'll be fine. Again, sorta - there's definitely much more to this one though. While completely stopping training this time of year may sound like a bananas idea, sometimes it's a necessary evil. Why? Too much stress on a long travel day (remember it's the holiday season) can actually be MORE detrimental to your overall fitness instead of just taking the day/days off and getting to where you're going. Nobody wants to see you doing lunges at the airport terminal at 8am pre-flight. When the time for a session does come up - make them more recovery based. Don't go out with specific goals except to enjoy the journey and views. Run by feel - spin on the bike socially - swim without counting laps and strokes. You'll rediscover why you started all this multisport stuff in the first place!

RELAX - Okay this one's really easy right?? Actually, it can be! Finding a good balance between the holiday madness and doing lighter exercise sessions without strict purpose (see the paragraph above) is huge! Go with the flow - stay calm, cool & collected and let things happen. Too much structure and you'll stress out! Everyone's heading out for a late breakfast instead of your usual morning oats and coffee? Don't sweat it - let your body experience some change and flexibility with the scheduling. This can help to serve as a "soft reset" - further aiding in the relaxed phase!

Elite Tip :: Get back to nature! Set aside 24 hours (or more if you'd like and it's possible) to unplug from everything! Turn off your cell phone, TV, computer, laptop - whatever and GET outside as often as possible. This really helps to reset things and bring balance in!

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.


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