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How To Pick Your First Triathlon, Duathlon or Multisport Race

Your first multi-sport race (triathlon, duathlon or other) can be exciting, anxiety-inducing and fun all at the same time.

1- Know your abilities! Don't over estimate what you're capable of.
2- Distance. Short & sprint like? Or an ultra long, like a full Ironman™ ? See notation 1 above for help here.
3- Budget (generally, the longer the race the more expensive it is).
4- Travel? Local races can often be the best bet for a first race experience.
5- Enjoy your day & have fun!

Wanna learn more? Read each item with more detail below...

1- Knowing your limits with a first time race experience is really important. Ultimately you want to finish the day and feel good enough to head on home and relax. Not needing to visit the medical tent is a huge plus. Proper training & race planning will help you achieve the goals for that day as well as not feeling like you were hit by a freight train!

2- Choosing a distance for your debut multisport event is tough. Seeing the longer more "epic" races is tempting and even inspiring. Hold back! Not everyone can book an Ironman™ event and execute it a few weeks/months later. Racing takes time, preparation & planning to have a great day. Stick to a shorter race your first time out to enjoy the experience and gain knowledge about what works & what doesn't for you.

3- Plan your budget! Race entry is only one part of the puzzle here. What if you need all the associated gear for racing? Of course we can help here, but it can get expensive quick. Logistics of getting to the race should be factored in also.

4- Travel times. Packing up all your gear, hoping it arrives safely (if you're not transporting it), hotel stays, transportation, local food requirements - all of these things add up in price, time & stress. Plan accordingly if your first race is more than 1 hour from your regular stomping ground.

5- Enjoy the event! Your first multisport race should be an epic event. Epic emotions, epic experiences, epic feelings, epic accomplishments and more. Don't get bogged down with a lack of planning, prep and training. See this as a chance to learn, grow and experience the journey of the race!

Share your story with us! We'd love to hear from you on how the first race went and if we can help for any future planned races.

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.

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