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Focus On How Far You Have Come – Not How Far You Have To Go

Look ahead - Not Behind!

Eyes forward! The road to success, however you define that, is achieved through focusing forward - NOT on your past.

Mistakes, doubt, fear, regret, errors, oversights, pitfalls - there's always a reason to let something hold you back. Stop doing this! Sounds easy right?? Just cut it out, knock it off or quit. Sometimes it's not that easy. The concept of not looking back and having self-doubt is easy, but practicing it and living it is tough! Especially with training, racing and often times life in general.

Why? Why is it so tough to get past an obstacle like this? It's mind over matter! Most things we "suffer" with are in our heads. Our mind often looks for the easy way out OR can even cause us "pain" if we don't want to deal with something emotionally (see Dr. John Sarno readings).

Take a look at these tips below to see how you can overcome the tough mental things holding you back and distracting your forward focus -

  • Always focus forward! It's hard to run or bike in the direction you want to go while looking over your shoulder right? Apply this to LIFE, TRAINING & RACING! Focus forward!
  • Don't let the negative thoughts creep in. Take 10 minutes each day to flush them out. "I will have a great day today", "I'll smile when I bike today", "I'll get a great night's sleep tonight" - push positivity!
  • Find what motivates you each day. Your kids, great career, bike gear, next race event - whatever! Focus on that as your forward momentum and let it drive you.
  • Don't be rigid and up tight - go with the flow! Be flexible with training days, life's challenges and obstacles that may come up. It's easier to bend and snap back than break and repair!

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.

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