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Finding Balance in Recovery & Rest For Multisport Athletes

So...our first official blog post here on is dedicated to Rest & Recovery. Why you ask? Because this is one of the absolute most important aspects of any training plan, race season or athlete agenda - hands down!

As multisport athletes we all love to cram in hours of training whenever and wherever possible. Lunch breaks, early morning swim sessions, all day time trials (you know, those long two-wheel-Tuesday sessions) and of course long-run days or often double run days. For many of us, having to plan out a full time schedule with family life, work, training and other responsibilities can be daunting. Cramming in sessions is sometimes the only way we can get them done.

But what about recovery days? Rest days? Specific sessions that re-align your internal balance? These almost always go overlooked. The reason they shouldn't?? - Because you only get faster, stronger and better at your abilities when you properly rest & recover. The best strength session at the gym or monster hill climb on your bike won't much matter without good nutrition and rest! The body repairs, rebuilds and recovers when we rest.

How can you implement this?? That's the best part! There are SO many ways to rest, recover and restore a bit of balance to your rigorous training demands. We've outlined a few below that we think you'll find helpful 😉


  • Yoga - This is a HUGE win! Yoga helps calm the mind, center your focus and can bring some flexibility to your physic.
  • Meditation - Calming, centering and a key practice for reducing stress. I myself struggle with this at times, but it's well worth working on.
  • Leisure Activity - Love to swim, bike & run (of course you do, that's why you're here!) - try doing these as a leisure activity. No sets, reps or goals. Just go and enjoy a light around-town bike spin or a cooling swim in the local pool.
  • Fun Nutrition - While eating a clean plant-based diet is ideal, relax a little bit and maybe have a fun sweet drink or dessert item on a recovery day.
  • Spectate - Race goals, morning prep, transitions - the stress of multisport racing and training can be demanding. Go to a local event and just spectate. Don't take notes or focus on how YOU would race the course - cheer and watch others, and just enjoy this aspect of the sport.

Implement the tips above, or others you know to work well, and continually be striving for balance with built in recovery. This is a true training method that will yield outstanding results. Have some great tips to share? Give us a shout on social media and let's talk!

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.


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