Frequently Asked Questions


Why Signup?

Signup on is NOT required - it's definitely a great choice though. By signing up (for free) you'll gain further access to discounts, savings and specials through our website that we're just not able to keep public all the time.

This includes instant price drops, direct discount codes, package savings, special sale items, closeouts, "open box" products and new upcoming gear. We'll also be able to offer giveaway specials on certain purchases. 🙂

Your information is NOT resold, distributed or sent to ANY of the brands we work with. We might send you the occasional email newsletter with info on the things noted above. That's it!

How much can I save shopping here?

This can vary depending on your budget, goals and overall plans for your specific training & race events.

Our discounts vary with each brand, so we'll give a basic example below.

Let's say your overall multisport budget is $1500 for some new equipment & gear. You see a number of brands you like on our site and want to use their products.

Our average discount is about 20% off MSRP. Some brands are as high as 40-60% off MSRP and some are in the 10-15% off MSRP range.

So, with $1500 being spent, you would save around $300 - based on the average discount of 20%.

The more that's spent, pending your goals, races and budget, the more you save as a member 🙂

What’s included with membership?

Our membership program has a variety of features & benefits for Athletes at any level.

  • Special savings & promotions
  • Shopping section discount codes
  • New & Upcoming Hot Products
  • Sponsorship Advice
  • Membership support
  • Advice & suggestion center (for better race days)
  • Ask Your Question sections

How can I list my brand, products or services here?

Thinking about offering your product or service to our athletes & customers? Awesome!

Click Here to send us your company info & a little bit about what you have in mind 🙂

How long is my membership good for?

Free membership is good for as long as you'd like, there is NO expiration.

Seriously - no gimmicks or hidden fine print with our free memberships.


In the future, we may offer additional paid membership options - but nothing like that at the moment 😉

Do I still have a warranty?

Yes! All items purchased through our online store come complete with the manufacturers warranty. All items sold on are 100% genuine items - no knockoff or replica items here!

What if I don’t see a brand or product I want?

If our brands page (with current linecard listings) does not yet have a particular brand, product or service listed, please give us a shout and let us know. We're continually looking to grow our list of active & involved brands and products & sometimes the best way to do that is by having our members or future members contact us requesting what they'd like to see.

What if my member application is rejected?

This is a very rare occurrence and does NOT happen based on information you put in. If your membership signup/application is rejected for any reason, please feel free to contact us directly via email. It may be something as simple as an error with your information or a glitch in our system.

Is my information shared? does NOT sell, re-sell, distribute or publicly display ANY of your information.

What we WILL share is some basic information about you (ie. Name, Race experience, training level, overall goals - etc) with your new potential brand sponsors - UPON YOUR REQUEST ONLY.

Do you offer gear, equipment or training?

Yes! We have public shopping access on our website with a number of brands and products available to anyone that would like to order from us. For specials & discounts, we require a free signup (membership).

This allows us to offer you better pricing and options for what we have available. All of our items are brand new (unless noted otherwise), genuine and come with any applicable manufacturers warranty.

Some "sponsors" or brands have direct discount shopping codes (for their websites only). These are only available after signup (membership) has been completed.

Is there a recurring fee or charge?

No. Our membership platform is always based on a FREE level.


We may offer alternate paid membership options in the future - but nothing currently. 😉

What are your shipping policies?

Please see our shipping policies HERE

What are your return policies?

Please see our return policies HERE