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Control Your World – Not Someone Else’s

Today's entry - Controlling your world!

No, we're not talking about becoming invisible, making things levitate or some other epic fantasy ability - this is a purely mental thing. Like most multisport & endurance training, right??

It's extremely easy to become wrapped up in what others are doing. Who's got the latest gear, who runs the fastest mile or what your buddy Brian did at his last Olympic distance triathlon. Sometimes this can be motivating and inspiring, sometimes it's down-right destructive.

Not focusing  on yourself enough is detrimental. Multisport racing can be selfish sure, but if everyone took a little bit more time for themselves - we all might just benefit from it, myself included. This could be any number of things - an extra 10 minutes each day for yourself to warm up or cool down (mentally) - grabbing a little extra hot shower time - getting in that needed massage - fixing the broken light bulb in your hallway - responding to that long lost cousin's email -- whatever! The point is, controlling what you CAN and not what you CAN'T is likely to have huge results on your outlook.

It's impossible to control what your friends will do in their next race (unless you break their legs of course, which I'm not suggesting at all) - so why not do what YOU can for yourself to have a better & more meaningful day/week/month/year/life ?? Here are a few key points to remember when tackling this challenge - and yes, it is a challenge...

  • Find extra time EVERY day for yourself. Even if it's just 5 minutes to start - use that time to take a few deep breaths, relax (or get pumped up for your next goal for the day). Start with a little and build up more time over time
  • CHILL OUT about problems. Life isn't perfect, it rarely ever goes to plan and if you're amp'd up all the time it's hard to focus & resolve something when/if an issue comes up
  • People will almost always be in your life. Family, friends, significant others, brothers, sisters, moms, dads - they all have their own sh*t - don't let it become YOUR sh*t too! Help when possible - retreat when needed
  • The details do matter! Sometimes the small things seem petty, insignificant or meaningless. What everyone fails to see is that the details come together to form a big picture & big picture stuff can really impact our lives, training & racing. Piece by piece is how something is built - there are always smaller moving parts
  • Lastly - solve root causes NOT symptoms! Look for why something is the way it is, not just how to
    "fix" the problem. Searching for the source often leads directly to the answer.

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Author: JB Tobin | This article is for reference purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailments or sports related conditions. Always seek professional medical advice.

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