Alto Cycling Staggered Carbon Triathlon Wheelset

2018 Alto Cycling Full Carbon Wheelset Review (CC397 – Staggered Combo)

The 2018 ALTO Carbon Wheelsets - Fast - Light - Strong and Ultra Tough...

Whenever possible we like to do full hands on reviews of the products we sell. Why? Because new gear kicks butt! We also think it's important for our members & customers to know what's what with their equipment and to highlight details they might not know about.

Diving right in! These wheels are great. Un-boxing is simple as all of the additional items (skewers, carbon-use brake pads, inspection cards & warranty info are in a neat & tidy little box). Clinchers? You bet! Tubeless ready - yup!!

Alto Cycling Carbon Fiber Wheels Review

The wound carbon fiber along with a proprietary carbon resin, makes them pretty & practical. Why so practical? Take a look at the video below and you be the judge. Brake testing is off the charts for these wheelsets. The UCI test requires 40 Joules to pass...the Alto Clinchers survived over 200 Joules of impact force. Downhill braking fears? Squashed!

Alto Cycling Carbon Fiber Wheels Review Finish



The decal selections available are huge. Lots of colors & even some wild options. Same goes for the optional hub colors. Black is standard, but choosing a color better suited to your theme is no problem at all.

Alto Cycling Carbon Fiber Wheels Review Decals Choice Alto Cycling Decals Colors
Weights - The CC311 full carbon clincher rear disc has an advertised weight of 1290 grams. Pretty sweet for a full disc that's ultra tough, stiff & reliable. In our testing (not that the scale shown here is world-class-calibrated) the 311 weighed in at just 1206 grams. The second disc we received (not shown here) weighed in at 1220 grams. Both a bit under weight. Win!

2018 Alto CC311 Carbon Disc Wheel Weight

The front CC86 full carbon clincher wheel has an advertised weight of 792 grams. This one checked out at 806 grams. The second one we received (not pictured here) checked out at 808 grams. All well within acceptable margins.

2018 Alto Cycling CC86 Front Carbon Wheel Weight

Vintage fly paper? Funky tint film? Nope - it's the new ultra light & ultra strong rim tape from Alto. Pop in your tubes (in this case we'll be using Vittoria latex) and your tires (Continental Grand Prix 4000s II here) and you're ready to rock!

Alto Cycling Wheel Tape

Tire & Tube installation was extremely straight forward. No fiddling with levers or large amounts of pressure to "pry" the tire over the lip. Everything can be done by hand! The center groove design allows for a tire and/or tube to be changed in just a few minutes (quicker with basic practice). This is HUGE!

2018 Alto Cycling Carbon Fiber Wheel Tire Installation 2018 Alto Cycling Carbon Fiber Wheel Tube Installation
The spin test! This has no real basis or "scientific" proof that the wheels are the fastest and best ever made on the planet - we're not making those claims here. It's just always fun to see a wheel spin effortlessly for a while with almost ZERO power input.





The conclusion - We're proud to be an authorized dealer for Alto Cycling! This wheelset is a really great, MADE IN THE USA, carbon fiber powerhouse. They surpass a number of tests (including the UCI impact test) allowing them to standout in the crowd and give riders peace of mind when bombing downhill on nearly any course.


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